How to publish on the website

Guide for publishing news on the website

To submit an item of news for publication on the website Members should send an e-mail to the Secretary’s office at well in advance (at least 10 days before the event to be publicised). The e-mail should specify “request for publication on the website” in the subject line (in order to differentiate it from e-mails originating from mailing lists which are not for publication on the website.
The e-mail should indicate:
– the type of initiative/event/news/publication concerned
– the title, place, date and time
– a short description, if required (maximum 100 words, either in the body of the e-mail or in an attached Word file)
– illustration, if any, in jpg format
– any files to be attached in pdf format (programme/invitation/circular) of a size not exceeding 500 kb
– website address for further information, if required
– name of the Member proposing the news (for any necessary communications from the Secretary’s office)
– the persons and bodies responsible for the initiative.

For notices of new publications a short presentation of the book in the form of a Word file is required, together with a picture of the front cover in jpg format and a copy of the book for the library of the Institute.

The Secretary’s office gives priority to news relating to the activities of the Institute and also takes into consideration the calendar of the events.