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UISPP session on Late Middle Palaeolithic chrono-cultural variability

The session proposal, “Cleaning up a messy Mousterian: how to describe and interpret Late Middle Palaeolithic chrono-cultural variability in Atlantic Europe”, for the 17th IUPPS Congress has been accepted. The conference website can be found at, and the deadline for abstract submission is April 30th, 2014. All abstracts should be submitted via the conference […]

Prehistoric Warfare – call for papers

Please see attached a call for papers for a session to be held at the XVII World UISPP Congress, Burgos (Spain), 1-7 Sept 2014. If you wish to take part in the session could you please submit your proposal to the session organisers and the conference organisers (the latter via the UISPP website by […]

XVII World UISPP Congress – new sessions

“B31 Aquatic resource consumption by prehistoric humans“. Session organizers: Dorothée Drucker and Yuichi Naito (Department of Geosciences; University of Tübingen) This session aims to consider the aquatic resource procurement and consumption by prehistoric humans using new technological developments and significant case studies including new data in zooarchaeology, biogeochemical analysis, paleogenetics and other original approaches. The […]

Genetic analysis of modern and ancient samples

XVII World UISPP Congress September 2014, Burgos (Spain) Call for communications: Genetic analysis of modern and ancient samples Session organized by Jaime Lira Garrido & Juan Luis Arsuaga. Centro Mixto UCM-ISCIII de Evolución y Comportamiento Humanos, 28029-Madrid (Spain). This session aims to bring together contributions related to the following topics: 1. Palaeogenetics and palaeogenomics of […]

Announcement of a session in XVIIe UISPP conference

Invitation to submit a paper to “Aquatic  resource consumption by prehistoric humans” session  at the XVIIe UISPP Congress, Burgos, 1-7 September 2014. Description of the topic of this session and information on registration, accommodation and travel in the joined documents: Sessionflyer_B31_UISPP2014 Second Bulletin

Appel à communications UISPP Burgos 2014

XVII° UISPP WORLD CONGRESS IN BURGOS (SPAIN) September 2014 Special colloquium/ Colloque THE REVOLUTION OF THE SIXTIES IN PREHISTORY AND PROTOHISTORY Co-organisé par /Co-organized by Colin Renfrew, François Djindjian & Alessandro Guidi (UISPP commission 4 and commission 1) Theme of the conference The post second war period (1955-1975) has been a revolution in the history […]

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