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XVII World UISPP Congress – new sessions

“B31 Aquatic resource consumption by prehistoric humans“.
Session organizers: Dorothée Drucker and Yuichi Naito (Department of Geosciences; University of Tübingen)
This session aims to consider the aquatic resource procurement and consumption by prehistoric humans using new technological developments and significant case studies including new data in zooarchaeology, biogeochemical analysis, paleogenetics and other original approaches. The oral communications are given a maximum of 15 minutes with 5 minutes of discussion. A poster session could be included with a brief introduction by the authors. Contributions and debates will be in English. The submission of abstract (500 words maximum) have to be posted online via the website: indicating which session it is for and also the name of the session organizer and in addition to
Deadline: April 30, 2014

logoUISSPP“Styles, techniques et expression graphique dans l’art sur paroi rocheuse”.
Session organisée par Marc & Marie-Christine Groenen (Commission «Arts préhistoriques»)
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