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Crossing boundaries. Mounted nomads in Central Europe, their eastern roots and connections – 14th Archaeological Conference of Central Germany

7-9 October, Halle (Saale)

The Archaeological Conference of Central Germany is hosted annually by the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt. Based on finds or findings from Central Germany, the international conference addresses selected archaeological topics in order to contribute new insights into the interdisciplinary discussion.

Info and registrations at the following link:

Call for posters

UISPP XIX World Congress conference (Meknes, 2-7 September)

The next UISPP XIX World Congress conference (Meknes, 2-7 September) will be held free online. Participants will only be required to pay 75 Euros for UISPP membership.

The HOME (Human Occupation of Mountain Environments) Commission invite you to the two sessions:

 Climate change and human occupation of mountain environments in prehistoric and protohistoric times

 Mountain Africa: prehistoric peoples and palaeoenvironments

We invite those of you who are interested in the sessions to send abstracts before 30 June to:
– Martin Callanan ( and Xavier Mangado ( (Climate change and human occupation)
– Brian Stewart ( (Mountain Africa)

Meknes 2021 abstract_climatic changes_NEW
Meknes 2021 abstract_mountain Africa_NEW

Call for papers Rock and Roll: 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials

Rock and Roll: 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials is approaching , session Theme: “Experimental knapping and lithic taphonomy”  named: Use-Wear Analysis: The Same Protocols for Different Materials? (Session 12)

Organizers: Adrián Arroyo, Lena Asryan, Juan Luis Fernández, Laxmi Tumung, Juan Ignacio Martín-Viveros, Paula Mateo, Andreu Ollé

In the last years, significant advances are taking place in functional studies. Now it will be an excellent opportunity to gather and discuss the current state-of-art. We invite researchers working on functional analysis to present their front-line research, including investigators working on different materials (such as bone, teeth, antler, shell and lithics) and develop a range of analytical approaches (microscopic techniques, quantitative approaches, experimental procedures).

Abstracts for oral communication or posters should have a maximum of 400 words (excluding authors details) and can include up to 3 references and 1 figure. Please, for logistical reasons, be aware that participants need to register before submitting their proposals. Given the exceptional situation, the symposium will be held ENTIRELY VIRTUALLY (4-7 October 2021).

For further information about registration and abstract submission, follow this link:

2on circular ISKM 2021_Call for papers

If you need specific information about the symposium, please contact:

For specific information about the session contact: (Adrián Arroyo)

Deadline to submit your abstract is July 1st.

Storie interrotte. Riconoscere e valorizzare il patrimonio dimenticato

Convegno Internazionale
Storie interrotte. Riconoscere e valorizzare il patrimonio dimenticato
Padova, 25-26 novembre 2021
promosso dal Corso di Dottorato in Storia, Critica e Conservazione dei Beni Culturali dell’Università degli Studi di Padova, dedicato all’esplorazione dei problemi teorici e metodologici connessi alle discipline archeologiche, storico-artistiche e performative. Il Convegno si pone l’obiettivo di indagare la complessità e le difficoltà alla base del processo di ricostruzione storica: il vuoto documentario che interrompe la storia di un’opera, di un manufatto, di un luogo, di una civiltà.

Termine per la presentazione delle proposte: 30 aprile 2021
Per ulteriori informazioni:
storie interrotte_call_ italiano
storie interrotte_call_inglese

IPOGEI – Convegno PPE

Ricordiamo che, a causa delle regole attualmente in corso, l’ingresso al convegno è riservato ai soli relatori del giorno, per un massimo di due per ciascun intervento: saranno quindi ammessi in sala solo coloro che hanno comunicato il proprio nominativo alla segreteria, nei giorni delle rispettive comunicazioni.  Per agevolare la partecipazione, i poster sono disponibili online sul nostro sito e […]

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