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«Emilie Campmas» prize 2024

AssEmCa was created by a group of relatives and close friends of Emilie Campmas, a young CNRS
researcher who was a victim of cancer. Its aim is to ensure that scientists as well as the general
public continue to benefit from the perspectives she opened in the fields of zooarchaeology and
paleoenvironmental studies in North Africa and in the Mediterranean Basin during the Palaeolithic
in the broadest sense.

The association is also keen to support junior French and foreign researchers working on these
issues, therefore it was decided to award one prize each year to a doctoral or post-doctoral fellow.

This year the prize will focus on themes related to the place of animals in non-food products
(ornaments, bone industry, fur, mobiliary and cave art, sepulchral deposits, etc.) from Prehistory to Protohistory.

The application file must include:
– a CV (max. 3 pages) 
– a selection of 2 major publications, explaining for each of them in about 20 lines its scope, its
impact and the personal contribution of the candidate;
– a description of the research issues and perspectives developed by the candidate (max. 2 pages).

Applications must be sent to before December 1st, 2023 as a single PDF.

The results will be known in mid-January 2024.

Further information on AssEmCa:

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