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Anthropology and Archaeology of Death – call for papers

1423673029472RomArché 2015 VI Salone dell’Editoria Archeologica \ Limes
From May 20th to 22nd, 2015
3rd study meeting of Anthropology and Archaeology at comparison

The meeting includes 4 thematic sessions and a panel discussion structured as follows:
1. The rule of exception: atypical death, atypical deceased, atypical ritual
2. The poetics of emotions: performance and ritual landscape
3. The social life cycle of bodies and things: reconstruct and rethink the ritual and social reality with material engagement, enchainment and actor network theory
4. The construction of identit[y/ies] after death: between thanato-metamorphosisand anthropo-pòiesis
5. Panel discussion: the social dimension of funerary practices[?]

For each session as well as for the panel discussion can be presented (peremptorily until March 20th, 2015) a speech proposal.
Accepted languages are Italian, English and French.

For updates and further information please visit conference section of the events website or write to following email:

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