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Call for papers EEPB 2023

Time is running, Christmas is coming and we would like to share with you the EEPB 2023 Call for Papers once again, with the updated scientific committee.

The Doctoral Meetings are a great venue for researchers early in their careers. You can discuss new methods, theories, and results from your PhD research. All presentations are by ECRs, so it is less intimidating than presenting at big conferences. This can be a valuable practice to improve your presentation skills. And you will get lots of questions and constructive feedback on top that might help with writing up your research.
In this regard, we specifically welcome proposals from young researchers from all over Europe, specifically according to this year’s theme we would like to hear colleagues from Scandinavian and Eastern European countries and those studying Museology. But every researcher who works on any of the themes is welcome to send an abstract.

Please share widely. The aim is to have a variety of speakers from all corners of Europe with diverse backgrounds to discuss the concept of Protohistory from different perspectives.

You are all welcome, share and apply!
See you in Bibracte from 13 to 15 March 2023!


Call for papers EEPB 2023

Appel à communications EEPB 2023

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