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Dear Colleague and friend,

The M-F project is inviting authors to present papers about the role of the two genders in production, function and concepts of prehistoric and tribal art. Scholars, students and other persons of culture are welcome to participate in this research with their personal ideas and papers. After being reviewed, the accepted papers will be published in EXPRESSION Magazine and eventually in a monographic volume.

Among the many aspects of such discussion we anticipate some suggestions:

1-   The role of men, women and children in the production of prehistoric and tribal art.
2-   The depictions of male and female subjects, their role and function.
3-   The use of prehistoric and tribal art by males and females, in ceremonies, gatherings, initiation and other rites de passage.
4-   Can we identify the gender of the artist: what female or male artists produced?

Following the traditions of EXPRESSION Magazine you are invited to propose a paper on a specific topic or site.

Short papers of 1,500–3,000 words are suggested, with up to four illustrations each. Illustrations (definition 600dpi) should be separate from the text and each illustration should have a caption and be pertinent to the topic selected. The most meaningful papers for a worldwide debate will be published first in the international magazine EXPRESSION and then as a volume.

Please indicate the title you intend to present. Your fast reply will be appreciated. Try to avoid general conceptual disquisitions, unless they are of a strongly innovative nature. The deadline for the presentation of the final paper is January 30, 2016. Reply to: “M-F Project” <>. We look forward to the pleasure of reading your paper.

Cordial regards and best wishes,

Prof. Emmanuel Anati (President, ATELIER)

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