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Notiziario di Preistoria e Protostoria 2014

The Notiziario di Preistoria e Protostoria 2014 (about discoveries and excavations 2012-2013) is available online.

NPP 2014, I copertinaI. Paleolitico e Mesolitico (pp. 1-14)
NPP 2014, I
NPP 2014, I – low resolution



NPP 2014, II copertinaII. Neolitico ed età dei Metalli – Italia Settentrionale e Centrale (pp. 14-52)
NPP 2014, II
NPP 2014, II – low resolution



NPP 2014, III copertinaIII. Neolitico ed età dei Metalli – Italia Meridionale (pp. 53-77)
NPP 2014, III
NPP 2014, III – low resolution



NPP 2014, IV copertinaIV.  Neolitico ed età dei Metalli – Sardegna e Sicilia (pp. 78-122)
NPP 2014, IV
NPP 2014, IV – bassa risoluzione


Like the previous bulletin published on paper, the digital version contains synthetic accounts of new research and discoveries in Italy in the field of prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology. The news is reported in geographical order by Region (from north to south) and within the Region in alphabetical order by province and municipality.

The Notiziario can be freely consulted and downloaded from the links below, in either high or low resolution.

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