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Palethnologie on-line

The first issue of a new bilingual (French/English), on-line review of Prehistory has just appeared and is available


As can be seen in this issue, this review aims to cover all fields of
Prehistory. Through its electronic support and English translations,
it contributes to an international diffusion of research conducted in
French-speaking countries.
Palethnology publishes articles presenting recent research, as well as
thematic sections, which will often consist of colloquia proceedings
(as can be seen in the first issue). It also includes a Documentary
Resource section, which will contain archives such as university
theses (these will not be translated).

Vanessa Léa, François Bon, Matthieu Honegger, Monique Olive, Marcel
Otte, Michel Vaginay et Nicolas Valdeyron

Through a partnership of the Universities of Liège (Belgium),
Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Paris I (France) and Toulouse (France),
and with support from the French Ministry of Culture.

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