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33rd UISPP Commission Florianopolis


XVI IUPPS World Congress/XVI SAB Congress
Florianopolis, 4-10 September 2011

33rd UISPP Commission:
Tool function and socio-economical reconstructions of the past
– Session: Traceology today: Methodological issues in the Old World and the Americas
Coordinators: Estela MANSUR, Marcio ALONSO, Natalia SKAKUN and Laura LONGO
– Workshop: Technological and functional approaches to osseous materials: a summary of the past decade – Coordinators: Aline AVERBOUH and Yolaine MAIGROT
The Proceedings will be published in special issue of the BAR.
New deadlines for registration and abstract submission :
– Final registration date is April, 30. – Final date to send abstracts is May, 31.
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