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Not Just Meat


18th EAA Annual Meeting, Helsinki, Finland,
August 30 – September 1, 2012

Call for papers
SESSION Not Just Meat: The Role of Plants in Paleonutritional Reassessment
Understanding human diet before plant and animal domestication is a challenge. Survival of material remains is variable but bones frequently survive more readily than plants, this has led to a traditional focus on meat. It is now becoming clear however, that plants were consumed and processed deep into the Palaeolithic. There is though little data on the role of plants in Palaeolithic and later pre agricultural nutrition and more broadly, the way the need for plants might have influenced behavioral choices among hunter-gatherers.
This workshop will highlight the need for a better understanding of plants in Palaeolithic and pre agricultural diet and will highlight new and traditional sources of paleodietary information. This will include the biological and technological capabilities for the transformation of plants for human consumption as well as the evidence for the plants themselves.
We welcome contributions based on both traditional and recently developed techniques that aim to understand the plant component of the diet and dietary reconstruction among hunter gatherers.
Karen Hardy, (ICREA at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Spain),
Laura Longo (Ufficio Centro Storico UNESCO; Italy)
Anna Revedin (Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria; Italy)

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