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UISPP XIX World Congress conference (Meknes, 2-7 September)

The next UISPP XIX World Congress conference (Meknes, 2-7 September) will be held free online. Participants will only be required to pay 75 Euros for UISPP membership.

The HOME (Human Occupation of Mountain Environments) Commission invite you to the two sessions:

 Climate change and human occupation of mountain environments in prehistoric and protohistoric times

 Mountain Africa: prehistoric peoples and palaeoenvironments

We invite those of you who are interested in the sessions to send abstracts before 30 June to:
– Martin Callanan ( and Xavier Mangado ( (Climate change and human occupation)
– Brian Stewart ( (Mountain Africa)

Meknes 2021 abstract_climatic changes_NEW
Meknes 2021 abstract_mountain Africa_NEW

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